Monday, August 15, 2005

Conrado de Quiros pointed out that:
"The current occupant of MalacaƱang is the single biggest VIRUS in this country. She is making people sick physically, some of them, including a couple of her electoral foes, have already died. But more than making this country sick in the body, she is making this ountry sick in the soul. You have a country where neither the individual's word nor the nation's laws mean anything anymore, you have nothing. Just a vast black void where the Philippines used to be."

I think his analogy is not very appropriate. A virus is a sickness we get from other organism. Its something from outside.

But the sickness caused by this government comes from within. I think this government is like a cancer. It branches out to every part of the sytem and at the same time sucks the resources needed by the body. It makes the entire system weak and prone to other sickness.

Like cancer we can solve the problem by removing it. I should happen before it reaches stage IV and death of the sytem will be inevitable.


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