Sunday, August 21, 2005

Escaping through blind guards

The Daily Tribune in its commentary section said that the investigation of the great escape of Virgilio “Garci” Garcillano has "ended before it can even get started". The investigation is bound to fail for two reasons: it is headed by a sickly immigration chief and he may be part of the escape itself.

I can't understand why it requires a five-man fact-finding team, created by the government, to know who is responsible for the escape of Garcillano. Its the job of the bureau to know who is reposible for such mistake. If the bureau can't, then the first thing the government should do is to sack the officials of the bureau, not create a fact-finding team. If Garci can't get out of the country without knowing it then Bin Laden can also get in without noticing it.

If the Immigration Chief is sick then he should seek medical treatment at once... but I hope others who remain will not need an EENT to know the truth.

Truth really hurts. It make others sick.


Blogger ester said...

Everybody is sick. The Philippines is very sick. The President, the Senators and congressmen are sick. The mayors and barangay captains are sick.

We are all living in a f***ng sick society.

4:59 PM  

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