Sunday, August 14, 2005

Mike Defensor's Ridiculous Move

Mike Defensor's move to prove that the Hello Garci tape has been "doctored" is ridiculous. If indeed the tape has been doctored why is it that GMA does not complain that the tape is altered during her "I Am Sorry" speech. Why is it that she did not complain.... that she did not say "yung dagdag". Her future depends on the tape and its more ridiculous if somebody would say that GMA do not listen to it "word for word" if not "syllable for syallable".

Does Mike Defensor know more than GMA on what she is saying in the tape? I don't think so, unless he is a god.

If indeed the tape is altered no other person is more credible in saying it other than GMA herself. But because she did not complain since the beginning, it , means that GMA is admitting that her conversation with Garci -as heard in the Hello Garci tape- is genuine.


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