Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Should Be President

I get this writing of Raul Roco from Rene Saguisag's column. He is just 20 years old when he wrote this treasure:

"April 1—the gate closes today"

"After the last collegeman stands from his examination seat, gathers his overused books and weaves a lonely trail to the college gates, the janitors will pull down the drooping windowpanes; the guards will clang the gates shut; and the corridors will stretch to sleep for the lazy, summer months.

"Dust will sift in the shaded courts. The coolers of the canteen will cease their humming at Coca-Cola bottles. The books of the library will cling to their racks for the lonely summer days. And the Bedan rooms, the Bedan corridors, the Bedan walks will ring with silence.

"Yes, the drowsy hum of bees will fill the gardens. The melancholic trickle of the Jubilee fountain will whimper with the hum. And the leaves of the swaying branches will rustle with the duet as the playful breeze hides and seeks through its leafy labyrinth.

"But the rhythm of nature’s fingertips as they play their solemn pianos will never take the place of the rhythm of collegemen’s feet measuring steps to the chapel; collegemen’s voices in friendly banter; collegemen’s fingers rifling through the pages of a philosophy book.

"So San Beda will sleep as it woke up last June with only the meditative monks and the contemplative silence of the gardens, the walks, the library, the courts.

"But even as it sleeps, even as its corridors resound with the unfamiliar silent echoes, San Beda will be alive with plans for nearing year. For San Beda educates and education never sleeps.

"For the formation of the man is an endless task, and San Beda lives for this task—the Benedictine way.

"The last collegeman who passes the closing gates knows this."


I'm so mesmerized by Roco's talent.

I read PATRICIA ESTEVES' tribute to Roco and I agree with her that Roco should have been a kind of president we, "shamed", Filipino be proud of. He must have been an "olympic gold medalist" we always dreamed of but never had.

I just imagine how proud I will be when Bata Reyes, Pacquiao and Roco posted together in Times magazine titled "The Master, The Fearless and The Best".

Like Torn and Frayed I consider his death a great loss. Its like losing a candle in a the darkest hour of the night. The saddest thing is that, there is no spare for the Great Man.

Goobye idol. When you met St. Peter please tell him to send another one like you.


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