Friday, September 16, 2005

Not Me

Four political leaders admitted that they received email from either former police Senior Supt. Michael Ray Aquino or Filipino-American Leandro Aragoncillo. All of them also denied they recieved classified information.

Erap said he had no knowledge of any illegal activity by Aragoncillo and that what he received are"non-classified documents" Although he admitted that he receive information from Argoncillo also he said "Alam mo pag preso lahat babasahin at tatanggapin mo kahit pambalot ng tinapa." (I hope Erap will include reading documents which will teach him what are classified documents and what are not.)

Pimentel said that he received voluminous e-mails on his mobile phone, but had yet to open them. He don't say he received classified documents from Aquino or Argoncillo.

Cong. Roilo Golez said he receive email from Aquino but "found them all clean." He don't believe he is the second level official stated in the FBI complaint.

Lacson said what he receive are "pieces of information from Aquino but said these were accounts of developments in the Philippines that had been reported in the media" Inq7.

The questions is, if they think they are not the one who receive the classified information why do they deny it before September 22 when the name of the three officials will be divulged? If they are not guilty, what's the use of telling to the whole planet... I'M NOT GUILTY!

We have a saying "Kung sino ang pumutak ay siyang nangitlog."

In this case I think merong pumutak dahil may nanginginig ang itlog...

Its too early to really know who the three politicians are. But those polticians will surely deny it like the Erap, Pimentel, Lacson and Golez.

Only three are stated in the charge of FBI. Four already admitted to have received email from Aquino and Argoncillo.

I hope FBI will not add one more politician in its charge.


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