Sunday, September 11, 2005

Spirit lifter

I now believe that it will only take one man to lift the spirit of a country (but it takes a couple of corrupt leaders to put the country in chaos).

The common Filipinos started watching the fight with silence then... Bira! Bira! Taposin mo na! Taposin mo na! then it ended with a loudl Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh! and a wild Yeheeee! For only six rounds of professional boxing I'm again proud I'm a Filipino.

People from all walks of life are united to support Manny Macquiao. Robbers, religious people, drunkard, gamblers, nuns, teachers, barbers, security guards, policemen, soldiers, rebels, pro-impeachment, anti-impeachment, christian, muslim, young, old, fat, slim and even the blind and the lame are supporing Manny during his fight.

I don't believe that Filipinos can't be united at this momenn in our history. We are united by Pacquiao in believing that we can win a fight. If he can, why can't our leaders make us believe that we can avert looming economic and poltical crisis we have now? The irony is that, a mere mention of our "well educated" politician will make us ashame that we are Filipinos while we become a proud as a nation when an elementary school dropout stand in the ring even if he speak broken english.

I hope our next leaders will be, like Manny, lift our spirit and make us proud as nation. And I pray it will never be like what we have now that cast spell on my beloved land.


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