Friday, November 11, 2005

Presenation Zen

Just discovered this blog on how to make an effective presentation.

I like it. Its worht reading.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

KSP Government

Imagine... one day you are as pogi as Bin Laden. Suddenly, the police storm your house and arrest you because they believe you are the real Bin Laden. And not only that, the President of the Philippines broadcast you face to the media saying "Bin Laden is captured!!!" .

Well, it may happen to anybody.

Last week Antonio Gara, a Subanon, was mistaken to be Radulan Sahiron the Abu Sayyaf chief of staff. The special anti-terror team from Manila captured the indigenous person and immediately informed the PNP chief which in turn told GMA. GMA without hesitation announced it to the whole wide world.

What's wrong with this.

First, assuming the Sahiron was indeed captured, GMA should not, immediately, announce the capture of a terrorist to the whole world. The captive should, first, be identifed and then interrogated for vital information will lead to the arrest of other terrorists. After no more information is extracted and other terrorist is already captured or the information is no longer useful, the terrorist may now be presented to the media. Its very basic. But the President immediately announced it.

Second, the capturing of Sahiron is already a two-year operation.Yet they still don't how the real Sahiron look like and which part of his hand is amputated. The "hardworking intelligence operatives spent days and nights" inq7 for this operation. Yet, they captured the wrong Sahiron. What if they shoot Gara? Will they just say sorry? No wonder they were not able to capture Sahiron. They are not sure how he looks like now.

And lastly, GMA no longer know which information is ready for release to the media and which is not. She listen to gossips and believe in flimsy evidence.

I believe the president is an intellegent person. She got a PhD from UP. But she seems to be very hungry for good news from her government. She has become very desperate for information that will divert the attention of the media from her. Ironically, she gave the wrong news.

One good piece of advice, make sure you don't look like any of the terrorist. You may be in the President's TV program.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I'm Back

I haven't blogged for more than a month regarding the issues that confronts my country and my people. The reason is, I prefer to listen and be silent.

What I learn during those silent days is that, many if not most of my kababayan believe that we are in a hopeless situation. They are convinced that there is nowhere to go but down into the hopeless state of poverty and chaos.

I don't think its true. Instead I believe that we are in the right path. You may say I'm crazy. How come we are in the right path when we are now is a state of chaos and desperation?

I agree that we are in a desperate situation. But what makes this situation the right path is that we are passing a period in our history where we as a people become fully convinced the real importance of selecting the right leader. We learn that we will pay the consequence if we don't select the right leader. Secondly, we also become united in demanding for a government who will propel or economy upward. There is no period in history where the Filipinos are more united in demanding for a better economy.

If only we undergo this situation 50 years ago, we should have been the most developed nation in Asia today.

Country learn by experience. I believe that with the experinece we have now, we are in the path of progress and political stability. I'm may not come too soon... but I believe it will.

Maybe I'm just too optimistic. But thats what we need now....Optimists. I still believe that we can overcome this, what they call, hopeless state... that's why I'm back.